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Automattic introduces Blaze ad network to show ads



Blaze ad network

Blaze Ad Network is showing ads on many and Tumblr sites for about $5 every day. Automattic has introduced this new ad network, Blaze. It positions advertising on free Tumblr and websites. Advertising also starts at $5 every month.

However, Automattic is the company behind WooCommerce,, Tumblr, and Akismet. Not only this, the list goes on, and there are several other companies.

Matt Mullenweg has found it. He is an entrepreneur. He has also developed the free WordPress open-source CMS (Content Management System).

The founder introduced this advertising network in April 2022. It was a network for Tumblr users to place ads on several other Tumblr pages.

The company has announced that the network expands to bloggers on WordPress. These are also for self-hosted WordPress publishers having Automattic Jetpack WordPress plugins.

The publishers present on can make use of the WordPress dashboard for advertising. They also want to start with choosing the pages for advertisement.

Advertising payment is also for the impressions and not the clicks. The ones making use of the WordPress CMS can use Blaze via the Jetpack plugin.

If the users have not yet installed Jetpack, they need to install it. They also may either install the premium version or the free version.

The ones using the Jetpack can start campaigning from the dashboard. They need to visit The users can navigate to the Pages of the Posts screen. They can scroll down and select the pages of posts for advertising. They will need to click on the ellipsis menu to select the Promote with Blaze option.

The interface will allow the advertisers to select the audience who will see the ads. In short, the Blaze ad network facilitates convenience.

The advertising will appear from millions of free webpages and Tumblr. A regular budget is there for the campaigns. The Blaze ads also contain a snipper, an image, and a snippet.

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