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5 Signs You Need To Switch Your Telematics Service Provider



Road accidents have always been on the rise. Any initiative to improve safety on the road for pedestrians, drivers, vehicles, and the public or private property should be readily absorbed but with a hint of skepticism.

But why the succinct skepticism? Skepticism towards proposals ensures greater reliability and also generate competition. This way, a sing brand or company cannot obtain a monopoly over the market, and it will also help to produce the highest quality products.

When you the owner, operator, or manager in the trucking business, a single safety violation or an accident will impact your business and your finances gravely. So, every small detail of your trucks, maintenance, the tools, and other things should be carefully examined for good quality and great reliability.

In addition to safety, there is also the factor of operational efficiency that plays a critical role in the success of your trucking business. Without a highly efficient workforce and tools, you will be increasing your operational costs that, in turn, lower your profit margin and hinder your company’s ability to grow faster and bigger.

Here are some things that go into improving operational efficiency:

  • Communication.
  • Fleet management.
  • Fleet maintenance.
  • Compliance.
  • Reporting.

To solve all of those problems and more, the rapid advancements and innovations in technology helped to take the trucking industry into a new-age using telematics software.

When most of the success-defining aspects of your company are in the clutches of your telematics service provider; it is only fair that you use the best telematics software there is uncompromisingly. So, if you are not sure whether your telematics service provider is the best one for you, then here are 5 signs that you need to look out for to switch your telematics service provider:

1. Slow or No Growth

The first thing you should expect from your telematics software is growth for your business revenue generation.

A good telematics service provider will help your business grow fast by cutting down your operations expenses like:

  • Fuel expenses.
  • A greater number of workers.
  • Frequent repairs and maintenance.

By providing insightful data, a good telematics provider would help you cut down your expenses to a large extend and turn them into profits.

Your telematics software should help in bringing down the number of vehicles you use and the number of drivers you hire because every vehicle in your fleet will add more to your fleet management costs.

2. Persistent Mishaps En Route

One of the pros of using a telematics software is it can help reduce any accidents en route by constantly evaluating performance and driver behavior because that is what you, as an owner or a manager, would want. The safety of your drivers and cargo is critical.

A road accident can have devastating impacts on your trucking company other than damaged cargo and will likely stain your company’s reputation in the eyes of the public and cause you to lose clientele. Furthermore, as a fleet manager, you will likely be held accountable for the mishap. This will also impact your company’s growth and expansion process.

In addition to losing clientele and reputation, the insurance premium for your business will also increase, and any injury to your company employee can result in higher claims. If the accident affects another civilian, it could result in expensive lawsuits against your company.

Using the data from your fleet’s vehicles, the telematics software should be able to effectively minimize road accidents and injuries to your truck driver in the course of employment.

Samsara takes pride in its trucker dash cams with embedded AI that help prevent thousands of road accidents every day.

3. Bad Software Security and Reliability

Your telematics software should be good enough that you can trust them with your eyes closed. If the software is hackable, there are chances of misuse and malpractice, which will put your entire company at a very large risk.

Good software will also help you promote healthy competition among your drivers with incentives and recognition.

As your fleet grows, it will be difficult to oversee every driver of your fleet in person. This will increase the chances of somebody tampering and exploiting your telematics software for their personal gain. This is one more reason why you should ensure that your telematics service providers offer the best security possible.

4. User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) Is Not Intuitive

The user interface of your telematics software should be intuitively combined with a great user interface. Failing in this area will add to your stress and to that of your truckers as well.

With a poor UI and UX also comes poor customer satisfaction and reluctance towards its usage.

Unintuitive UI also demands more time during operations that ultimately add to operational costs. It also becomes harder to communicate with your truckers. Effective and error-free communication is vital when operating a fleet.

Analytics and infographics play a huge role in your vehicle health monitoring process. But they will be of no use of you cannot gain easy and important insights into the diagnostic information of your vehicles with a bad UI. This will affect your preventive maintenance processes and schedule.

5. Inaccurate Fleet Tracking

The importance of tracking your fleet cannot be understated. If your telematics service provider is unable to offer real-time, then it probably is a huge red flag.

With real-time fleet tracking, your vehicle fleet management game goes to a whole new level. Driver monitoring processes become easier, and you can also control where your drivers can go or how they can re-route by setting up “geofences,” which are essentially virtual boundaries that help you keep your truckers within a particular geographic area.


If you experience any of the above problems, then it is probably an indication that you should switch your telematics service provider because it is never too late to do the right things.

Samsara’s telematics solutions are driven by safety, efficiency, and compliance. So, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We also provide a free trial of our telematics services. That’s how certain we are that you will love them!

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