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YouTube is testing an ‘Applaud’ feature for the creators



YouTube applause feature

You must have heard a lot about how YouTube was just a platform where people shared videos. But nowadays, the platform has now become so big that it has become a full-time job and a profession for millions. This is also thanks to the continued development behind the scenes from YouTube and Google who have added various ways to monetize the videos and also support the creators in that process. Also, the YouTube team announced a new feature called Super Chat which is a way to get creators paid for their content.

How the Super Chat feature works are with the help of YouTube’s chat feature where everyone can comment on the videos. However, we have seen that the chats get messy and the creators can’t even read a chat properly since the messages are constantly coming. For that reason, Super Chat is a way to send money to the creators and let them read your messages since they will be pinned at the top for a few minutes.

While the Super Chat is a great feature, YouTube has now added a new feature which is known as Applause but it is still in the testing phase. Basically, Applause is a button which will be there on the platform below every video. When you click on the button to Applaud any video of your favourite creator, you will be paying $2 from your account to them. 70% of this money will be sent directly to your creator whereas 30% of it will be taken by YouTube.

Now, this is a simpler way because we have to select what amount of money we want to send in Super Chat whereas here it is fixed. However, we believe that YouTube has to cut down on their revenue cut when it comes to donations while cut from the earnings can be justified.

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