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Yoast confirms bug creating duplicate sitemaps




Yoast tends to generate duplicate sitemaps. The time period for this happening has not yet confirmed. The head of SEO explains that they are going to fix it up.

A similar flaw was also detected in a number of other SEO plugins.

It’s high off the behavior of numerous SEO plugins to demonstrate the same behavior. It is in response to a defect. Plugin developers are by the WordPress open source license. It also informs of the different states. The WordPress plugins and themes are now considered derivative works. This long-standing issue was already addressed by Matt Mullenweg himself in 2015.

WordPress has a GPL license. It basically explains that you can do whatever you want with the software. In case of distribution of changes, it seeks concerns under GPL. One can take it as a Creative Commons Sharealike license.

There are various ways to build a sitemap. It is open-source and available to all SEO plugin businesses. This also explains why other SEO plugins contain the same or similar bug. The one Yoast is trying to recover from. The ideal SEO approach is also to make things simple for search engines.

More flaws are in the search engine bots. It will all start tripping over the blunders. And it also caused unanticipated problems. It is by the other inaccuracies on a site.

However, SEO stands for search engine optimization. The easier it is for search engines to crawl and discover web pages. The better for SEO and help in better understanding. Making mistakes is the polar opposite of optimizing. There are more errors a website generates. Also, there is always a less optimized site is. There are minor impacts. The site can continue to limp along.

Brenda Malone researched the Yoast bug. She discovered some of the plugins don’t contain bugs. Also, they were SEO Ultimate PRO WordPress Plugin, SLIM SEO, and Squirrly SEO.

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