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WhatsApp Expands Chat Lock Feature to Linked Devices in Beta Testing




Privacy has long been a cornerstone of popular communication apps like WhatsApp, which prides itself on maintaining end-to-end encryption for all conversations. The company has reaffirmed its commitment to data confidentiality, even revamping its linked devices architecture a few years ago to uphold these standards. One of the standout privacy features, Chat Lock, is now extending its reach beyond primary phones, with the enhancement currently available to beta testers.

Chat Lock is an optional feature that allows users to hide specific conversations from the main Chats tab. To access these hidden chats, users must swipe down on the Chats tab—similar to refreshing a webpage—and then input a customizable pin or password. WhatsApp recently enhanced this feature by adding biometric authentication support, allowing for quicker and more secure access to locked chats.

Despite these robust privacy measures, users have identified a significant vulnerability in the Chat Lock feature when using the Linked Devices option. Previously, chats locked on the primary device remained visible on any linked devices, undermining the feature’s effectiveness. This issue was first highlighted in April and has been a point of concern for users who rely on multiple devices for their WhatsApp communications.

WhatsApp, in response, has been developing a fix to ensure that locked chats remain hidden across all linked devices. This improvement is now being rolled out to beta testers, signaling a significant step forward in the app’s privacy offerings. The update aims to provide a consistent privacy experience, regardless of how many devices a user has linked to their WhatsApp account.

The development and implementation of this feature reflect WhatsApp’s ongoing efforts to enhance user privacy and security. By addressing the loophole in the Chat Lock functionality, WhatsApp aims to reassure its user base of its commitment to protecting their private conversations. This move is likely to bolster user confidence, particularly among those who use multiple devices.

For users who haven’t utilized the Chat Lock feature, it serves as a powerful tool for maintaining privacy. By hiding sensitive conversations and securing them with a pin, password, or biometric authentication, users can ensure that their private messages remain out of sight from prying eyes. The extension of this feature to linked devices makes it even more robust and user-friendly.

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