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Twitter planning to drop support for AMP




Is Twitter going to cancel AMP? Twitter announces it plans to drop backing for the Google-backed layout by the end of 2021. In a new creator document about AMP pages, Twitter notes it is going to cancel the layout. An SEO called Christian Oliveira noticed the new document. Twitter user David Esteve stated he saw a shortage of backing for AMP pages.

It is not impossible that Twitter already canceled the layout in some areas. After this year, Twitter will avoid delivering all users toward these layouts. Websites that release AMP editions of their web pages can proceed to do so. Users can still share the links on Twitter.

Twitter will take users to the publisher’s initial sheet instead of the Accelerated Mobile Pages edition. This is the only thing that is changing. Whether you wish to go on with aiding the layout on your end is a preference. It is getting difficult to make a trial for releasing pages in the layout.

With the introduction of the Page Experience Update, Google created some modifications. The changes imply that it’s canceling AMP, though not entirely. The first move of Google toward discontinuing AMP was eliminating the lightning bolt icon. The pages were there in the carousel. But now, the pages will show up alongside ordinary HTML pages.

The most recent move of Google toward canceling AMP happened this past September. It occurred when the corporation declared it would display non-AMP topics in Google News. Accelerated Mobile Pages are still able to show up in Google News. However, presently users see daily HTML pages more frequently.

Besides, Google News is taking users to the URLs of publishers. That updated version was possibly introduced with the Page Experience Update. However, it didn’t work out.

Across Google and presently Twitter, viewers are a lot less likely to go on AMP pages. As an outcome, publicists will get extra traffic to their local URLs. It is where they can use traits.

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