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Twitter gets Scroll with plans to make the launch of a Subscription Offering



subscription offering

Twitter is going forward with its plan toward the development of the subscription offering along with the acquisition for Scroll. It is a service that works to remove all the ads from the news sites for a monthly fee. The Scroll will integrate into a subscription service. Twitter intends to launch it in the future. Until then, Scroll will be into private beta.

Existing subscribers can continue to use the Scroll, but it is no longer accepting any kind of new signups. With the cost to the consumers for $5/ month, Scroll helps publishers to earn more revenue than what they make with ads.

In exchange for a nominal fee, Scroll’s subscribers also get faster and ad-free access to at least hundreds of top sites for news. Scroll says its model works clearly. Hence Twitter is much convinced with it as it goes all-in on for the company.

According to the company, Twitter shares the same mission to maintain a much sustainable ecosystem for journalism. Scroll says it has been tasked along with taking its model and scaling it. It helps Twitter users to experience the internet without any friction or frustration.

Twitter’s VP of Product, Mike Park, confirms that Scroll will be part of the new upcoming subscription offering service for the company. The exact plans are yet unknown at this moment. However, Scroll says the ambitions of Twitter are larger than the suspicion of people. This is not at all the first time when Twitter is expressing its interest in having users pay for the reduction of the ads.

Twitter intends to charge the fee for the premium access, which came to be known last year. One of the questions has been asked to users if they are willing to pay for removing the ads. After the initial round of the surveys, the discussion about this quieted down. It again started this January as Twitter acquired the newsletter for the publics of startup Revue.

Twitter is now exploring many ways for users to subscribe to the newsletters from their favorite accounts. This feature will launch when Twitter rolls out along with its Super Follow product.

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