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Track Santa with apps from NORAD & Google




Track the location of Santa this Christmas Eve with the NORAD & Google Santa tracker applications. The applications are presently live globally. Just type “Where’s Santa?” and you can see Old Saint Nick as he proceeds along from town to town. The Santa tracker app of Google spotlights a live map. It displays Santa’s current area, an estimated time of arrival, and a counter of presents delivered to your location.

Santa will travel to more than 500 sites, which you can know more about through galleries of images clicked by Google’s Local Guides. Besides a live map, Google’s Santa Tracker mini-site comes with a choice of bonuses that keeps evolving from year to year.

In recent years, Google has utilized the Santa Tracker hub to attempt new technologies. Most previously, in 2019, Google launched the “View in 3D” trait on the Santa Tracker center. This enables users to witness 3D objects via AR through cameras.

Google Engineer Dave Holmes associates his knowledge to the job he’s accomplished on the Santa Tracker. Tasks acquired by Google’s squad via its struggle on the Santa Tracker have profited other sectors, like Doodles. Google’s Developers try to make the knowledge more interactive and better every year. To inquire about everything that Google has developed to date, you can see the entire Google Santa Tracker mini-site.

From the primary site, you can get a desktop application for Chrome. Google also provides a Santa tracking app for Android phones. We can’t speak about keeping records of Santa without citing the tracker that began it all.

The actual Santa Tracker, operated by the NORAD, is once again active for its 66th year in a row. The developers initially introduced Santa Tracker via phone cords, which are still active. Also, to follow Santa’s trip on a genuine website, NORAD proceeds to regulate a call center.

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