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TikTok launches new features for users to make money via gifts & tips




TikTok presents fresh ways for users to make revenue. The fresh features include tips and the ability to deliver online gifts. It will enable users to receive money from generating content. These extensions to TikTok are a portion of a suite of revenue-generating tools named Creator Next. It includes 5 ways to earn money.

TikTok’s recent tipping trait allows users to deliver money to other users. So that they can show appreciation for the content they generate. When you earn a tip on TikTok, you’ll save 100% of the tip’s significance. Stripe facilitates the compensations. If you haven’t registered with Stripe, you’ll need to generate a profile to obtain tips.

A processing expense will apply when delivering tips. That is how TikTok obtains profit since it doesn’t accept a cut from the recipient. Eligible users who earn tips will have a fresh icon shown on their accounts. After dabbing on the icon, you can select to deliver either a custom tip amount or $5, $10, $15.

Remark that if you deliver a tip, other users will have the ability to notice that you’ve tipped. They can also see the amount of money you delivered. If you don’t wish that data brought out public, then select the unidentified tipping choice. If you are a new TikTok user, then you may have seen a fresh gift box icon coming up on users’ videos.

This is the new gifting feature of Tiktok. It enables users to deliver virtual prizes for particular videos. Several advantages come with collecting prizes. First, it causes an increase from the TikTok algorithm. Next, users obtain “diamonds” when they deliver virtual gifts.

After collecting sufficient diamonds, users can save money by choosing the “Withdraw” selection. Business profiles are not eligible for TikTok’s revenue-generation features. With those needs fulfilled, you will have the ability to go into TikTok Creator Next.

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