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TikTok brings new feature on who viewed their content




TikTok is all worked up in bringing new features. This new feature will enable the creators to know who viewed their posts. Earlier, this feature was not available. This will give the content creators a better understanding of their target audience.

The only distinction is that even followers will also get the feature. However, the TikTok also gave away the feature of opting out of post view. If one is not comfortable with showing the history of their content. It will not get turned on by default like other social media platforms.

The post-view history is set to the followers only. It will display who sees your post only if they are your follower or you follow them. TikTok’s view history limits to time duration. It will only be available for the next 7 days. If content creators want to study who viewed their post, they will have one week from the date of posting.

TikTok recently confirmed the upcoming feature, and it will be beta-tested. And, it is going to be available for only some users. It was from the TechCrunch. It doesn’t guarantee when it will be available for all the users. As the test data needs to get analyzed before making it public.

The choice to limit the view of history will turn out very beneficial. The content creators with huge followings will be able to filter down their target audience. But, there is also some loophole. What if someone wants to secretly view someone’s content? Will they also make it to the list of people who viewed the content?

A social media influencer, Matt Navara, even tweeted, giving details of the new feature. Therefore, we can confirm that feature is real.

If the data from the beta test is negative, TikTok will either delete this feature or try to bring changes. So for the time being, TikTokers should just be aware of this upcoming feature.

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