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Similarweb will monitor and report keywords with Rank Ranger




Similarweb announced that it acquired Rank Ranger, an SEO, and rank tracking company. Tel Aviv is an Israel-based digital intelligence provider. The acquisition allowed Tel Aviv to offer term rank tracking alongside its keyword research and analysis tools.

These companies have cross-search engine capabilities. The combined power of these companies seeks to provide search professionals with better insights into traffic-driving keywords.

These terms of acquisition did not get disclosed. However, the acquisition means Similarweb users can monitor, track and report on keyword rankings over time.

The combined functionality of this merger would allow search professionals to quickly identify ways to grow traffic. It will also allow them to generate better returns on their search investments.

Similarweb’s Chief Executive Officer stated in a blog post that “By combining our existing industry-leading keyword traffic analysis features and unique data sets with Rank Ranger’s standout rank tracking and SEO tools, we are significantly expanding our SEO product suite for enterprises, which we’re confident will drive a powerful competitive advantage for our customers.”

Rank Ranger founded in 2009 in Durham, North Carolina. It owns software tools designed to help businesses capitalize. As a result, businesses can capitalize on both free and paid traffic opportunities.

This includes functionality for monitoring progress and measuring. It also includes features like optimizing and reporting on specific strategies.

The incorporation of these capabilities into daily workflows will bring a change. This will give search professionals the ability to react to changes in search engine rankings quickly. This can also get caused by competitor content or trends in the market.

Shay Harel, Rank Ranger CEO, and founder stated in a blog post about joining forces with Similarweb. Harel said that they were full of excitement. Similarweb also rapidly become the standard for companies to gauge their web and mobile-web competitiveness. Harel believes that their approach to search ranking and monitoring makes a complementary fit with Similarweb. Rank Ranger will continue to operate as Rank Ranger, a Similarweb company.

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