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Samsung working on Android phone support for Galaxy Ring: Report



Samsung Galaxy Ring

You must be aware that a latest gadget has been launched by Samsung and this is not a smartwatch, foldable phone, smartphone or anything else that we have previously seen from the mainstream companies. This time around, Samsung has launched a smart wearable device called the Galaxy Ring which is literally a ring which can be worn on any of your finger and it will track everything as your smartwatch or your smartphone could have done but the only difference here is that it is so tiny due to being a ring that you can wear it anyway you want.

Samsung says that “Galaxy Ring can actually be used side-by-side with a Galaxy Watch, and the two can hand-off metrics depending on what they’re best at, or even combine their data to make for even better results, which actually sounds super useful. And, seeing as a smartwatch still has a lot more utility compared to a smart ring, it’s good that you don’t have to give up one for the other.” Samsung also said that its Galaxy Ring will not be Samsung-exclusive as it is working on support for other Android devices as well. However, as of now, Samsung has revealed no plans to support iPhones which could also be a huge target market for them.

Having said that, we are sure Apple will also reveal a smart ring of their own if they see that the market is big enough. Same as they did with AirPods once the Galaxy Buds had reached a level of customer penetration as well as two versions had already been launched. Samsung’s reasoning for not developing iPhone support for Galaxy Ring is hope of users switching from iPhones to Galaxy. Samsung’s Hon Pak said “we ultimately hope that our devices are of such caliber that people will be willing to switch.” Now, if you ask me, that would be a tall ask given the fact that even in its home country of South Korea, there is data that their youth is now more inclined towards iPhones compared to Galaxy phones from Samsung. But we do like Samsung’s optimism in this case.

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