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Domains Transfers to Epik




Whois records at ICANN show the space name, utilized by the Parler interpersonal organization, has moved to Epik today. The area name had been enlisted at DreamHost before it moved to Epik sooner or later inside the previous few hours. Parler has been utilized all the more oftentimes by US traditionalist government officials, gatherings, and allies considering President Donald Trump restriction from Twitter, Facebook, and other online media stages.

As per different media sources, Parler has gone under pressing factor from organizations that offer types of assistance to it. For example, Amazon is done giving its AWS facilitating administrations to Parler. NPR detailed that “Amazon had revealed to Parler it would suspend its record Sunday at 11:59 p.m. PST. The site has been disconnected since that cutoff time passed.” The article additionally expressed that Parler is “looking for a transitory controlling request to keep Amazon from eliminating Parler from its workers.”

The social media network Parler has moved its domain name from DreamHost to Epik, a domain name registrar known for attracting domain names used by far-right and conspiracy theory websites.

Yesterday, the company issued a statement saying that it had not been in touch with Parler since AWS announced that it was kicking the site off of its platform. The statement criticized tech companies for “deplatforming” and appears to have been an attempt to get Parler’s attention.

Amazon was not the registrar for the domain name; DreamHost is a competing webhost and domain name registrar.

The nameserver records for still point to AWS servers, so the site is not active at this time. [Update: Parler has not moved its nameservers to But as of 2:40 PM PST on Monday, the site does not resolve.]

Epik is the registrar for, another right-leaning social network that is rapidly scaling in light of last week’s events. The company openly courted Gab when other registrars pushed it off their platforms, which led to a number of similar sites choosing Epik as their registrar.

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