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OpenAI is developing a Search Engine inside ChatGPT to rival Google, Perplexity: Report




OpenAI, the renowned AI research organization, is reportedly working on a groundbreaking feature for ChatGPT that could revolutionize the way users interact with the chatbot. According to sources familiar with the matter, the feature aims to incorporate web search capabilities into ChatGPT’s responses, potentially rivaling search giants like Google and emerging startups such as Perplexity.

The envisioned feature would enable users to pose questions to ChatGPT and receive responses enriched with information sourced from the web, complete with citations to reputable sources like Wikipedia entries and blog posts. Additionally, one version of the product reportedly integrates images into responses, enhancing clarity and relevance. For instance, if a user queries ChatGPT about changing a doorknob, the response may include a helpful diagram illustrating the task.

While reports about OpenAI’s development of a search feature surfaced earlier this year, specific details about its functionality have remained undisclosed until now. OpenAI declined to comment on the matter, maintaining confidentiality surrounding its ongoing projects.

The initiative underscores OpenAI’s commitment to enhancing the capabilities of ChatGPT amid intensifying competition in the AI-driven search landscape. Perplexity, a rising AI search startup boasting a $1 billion valuation, has gained prominence for its emphasis on accuracy and citation-backed results. Concurrently, industry titan Google has been actively exploring AI-driven enhancements to its core search experience, with upcoming announcements expected at the annual I/O event.

Speculation surrounding OpenAI’s search ambitions has surged on social media platforms, with users pointing to indicators like the existence of a web page,, as potential evidence of forthcoming features. While the page currently displays a “not found” message, it briefly redirected to the official ChatGPT website over the weekend, fueling speculation among enthusiasts.

The introduction of a web search feature would mark a significant expansion of ChatGPT’s capabilities, offering users access to a wealth of information directly within the conversational interface. Although ChatGPT currently offers limited search functionality for select queries, predominantly available to paying users, the integration of web search capabilities represents a notable leap forward in the chatbot’s utility. It also makes sense considering the reach that ChatGPT has right now to integrate the benefits of search engine as well.

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