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Microsoft Advertising comes with the announcement for an opening beta for new Automotive Ads



Automotive Ads

Last Month a Microsoft Advertising automotive case study is now showcasing a very positive linear relationship among the paid search clicks and automotive sales. It is now having 99% of statistical significance. The research cited that the brands are earning 2.1x more clicks along with the paid ads versus those which are based on the organic one. Now they are opting for introducing a very new way for automotive ads to drive all those clicks.

Today Microsoft Advertising opted for announcing an open beta for all the Automotive Ads. It is a very new ad unit in the USA and UK. Those advertisers who are familiar with the shopping ads can understand better the Automotive Ads as these are similar. The Automotive Ads are usually the feed-based product ads where attributes are getting uploads through a feed.

The ads are going to get the delivery for the queries, which are getting matched along with the feed, like vehicle research along with purchase intent queries. As the Automotive ads are still in beta, advertisers need to request access. The quickest way is to get into the beta, which reaches out to your Microsoft Advertising rep. In case you don’t have a rep, you can fill out the form for request.

As you have access, you need to step up for the number one to offer a feed. You can easily do this by going to the Tools area and then to the Business Data. As a bonus, Microsoft is going to recognize that many organizations in their automotive space are much reliant on APIs for managing the inventory data. There are also existing APIs in the place to help in simplifying the feed management.

It comes with the recommendation to set up the feed to automatically refresh. This is going to ensure the feed for the campaign is staying up to date.

While advertising your vehicles, the images play a bigger role here. Thus the advertisers must be offering high-quality images for the ads. Microsoft recommends including a few images in the feed in the interior view and a few in the exterior view. Microsoft is also testing for its Automotive Ads with its beta testers to advertise for new inventories and third-party sites to showcase their inventory.

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