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Meta opens up its Quest operating system to rival device makers: Report



Meta Quest

Meta Platforms, also known as Facebook, has announced that it will be sharing its Quest headset’s operating system, Meta Horizon OS, with rival device manufacturers. This unprecedented step marks Meta’s efforts to establish itself as a dominant force in the emerging realm of virtual and mixed reality technologies. It is also a realization from Meta that the real money from its VR devices won’t be made from hardware but from software. In a video shared by Mark Zuckerberg, he said that Apple won out in mobile devices but he believes that Meta will win in terms of VR software with its Meta Horizon OS.

The decision to license Meta Horizon OS to other companies signifies Meta’s ambition to exert greater influence over the hardware and software ecosystem of virtual reality (VR) and mixed reality (MR) devices. By allowing partner companies to utilize its operating system, Meta seeks to standardize and enhance the capabilities of VR and MR headsets across different brands.

According to Meta’s blog post, the Meta Horizon OS incorporates advanced features such as gesture recognition, passthrough technology, scene understanding, and spatial anchors. These functionalities are designed to enrich the user experience and enable more immersive interactions within virtual environments.

Among the initial partners leveraging Meta Horizon OS are tech giants Asus and Lenovo. Both companies will utilize the operating system to develop customized VR and MR devices tailored to specific activities and user preferences. This collaboration highlights Meta’s commitment to fostering innovation and diversity within the VR and MR hardware landscape.

In addition to partnering with established industry players, Meta is also leveraging its operating system to introduce a special edition of the Quest headset inspired by Microsoft’s Xbox gaming console. This move underscores Meta’s strategic alliances with key stakeholders in the gaming and entertainment sectors, further solidifying its presence in the broader consumer electronics market.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s vision to position Meta Horizon OS as a foundational platform for VR and MR devices mirrors Google’s approach with its open-source Android operating system in the smartphone industry. By democratizing access to its operating system, Meta aims to accelerate the adoption of VR and MR technologies while fostering a collaborative ecosystem of hardware manufacturers, developers, and content creators.

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