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Looking at the top eCommerce platforms in 2021



eCommerce platforms

HTTPArchve evaluated 8.2 million sites to select which eCommerce platforms are on the top. The data generated some surprising outcomes. The data gives ideas into which eCommerce websites are the best and what types of websites utilize them. The most shocking acknowledgment is in the sector of website performance. However, the finding the authors attain about which is the leading makes a lot of significance.

The volume of eCommerce websites online rose between last year and this year. But the ratio of all websites that are eCommerce really shrunk by nearly 2%, as per the collected data. The study reported that the number of e-commerce outlets rose year over year by an entire 48%. However, WordPress has the overpowering lead over all other outlets, carrying a 30% stake of all mobile eCommerce websites through the WooCommerce plugin.

Shopify is in the next spot with a 14% stake, followed by the available basis PrestaShop outlet with a 5% investment of all eCommerce websites. WooCommerce/WordPress eCommerce websites include almost 6% of all websites. Shopify is at almost 3% and PrestaShop at only under 1%.

The Chrome User Experience Report this year gave a rage grade for sites. Popularity grade implies that you can tag the sites as belonging to the best 1 million, to poorer than the best 1 million. This analysis resulted in an interesting estimation that disclosed insights about the types of websites that utilize the different e-commerce outlets.

WooCommerce was the most prominent outlet for websites rated among the best 1 million websites. PrestaShop carried fourth place while Salesforce Commerce Cloud, BigCommerce, and Shopware held on to the seventh, sixth, and fifth places.

WordPress is presently the ruler for an expanse of eCommerce platforms but not certainly the outlet of options across categories. Wix seems to be a favorite of tiny industries while other outlets work in enterprise-level outlets. The research authors reported that Wix consumers were overwhelmingly prominent with small industries.

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