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Instagram introduces more demographic insights




Businesses on Instagram now will have access to the demographic data about the audience. It shows the engagement with the contents. The breakdown of demographic on Instagram Insights has limitations to users who follow you up.

Hence, now you can see all the demographics of all the users to whom you reach out, regardless of whether they follow you or not. The new data is now located in Instagram Insights under the section, Accounts Engaged and Accounts Reached.

One of the new features includes Accounts Engaged. Instagram is now adding demographic data to audience insights under the Accounts Engaged. In this section, you can see where you are having your most engaged followers live. Its data include top cities, top countries, top age, and gender ranges.

The data gets broken down within followers and unfollowers. This makes things easy to spot out the differences between the people who choose to follow you and those who don’t.

Besides the demographic, the Accounts Engaged section keeps a running total for all accounts which have interacted with your content.

Accounts Reached is another feature. It includes the number of users engaged with your content. It is the representation of a fraction of the number of users who have seen your content.

For this data, you will need to look in the Accounts Reached section from Instagram Insights. From here, you will find the total number of accounts that your content has reached. The demographic breakdown is quite similar to the Accounts Engaged.

Instagram has also added insights to Accounts Reached for Reels and live streams. Now you can also see how many accounts you have reached with all types of content. It is only available for feed posts.

Insights are located in the main menu of the Instagram app. In case you do not see it, then it might be because you do not have a business account. If you have a personal account and want access to Instagram insights, then look for the option, Switch to Professional Account.

With a business account, you can easily continue with the creation and publication of the content on Instagram. With the data, you will also get access to plenty of useful insights about the users who follow you.

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