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Google to start deleting inactive accounts starting this week



Google accounts

We know that there are a lot of things that we have taken for granted and one of them is our Google account which is free of cost to create and so no one cares about how it is extremely important to us because of the fact that all of our mails as well as other things come to it. Now, when Google announced recently that it will start deleting the old Google accounts that are inactive is when people started realizing the value of these accounts all of a sudden. It is worth noting that inactive accounts take huge server space on Google’s servers and it costs them a lot to keep these inactive accounts which is why they have decided to delete these accounts and reduce server load.

Google changed its inactivity policy in May of this year which states that the company “is slated to start its phased purge of personal Google Accounts whose owners haven’t signed into or used them in the past two years as soon as Friday”. The latest inactivity policy from Google reveals that any user who has not logged into his account from last two years is considered an inactive account and it is subject to deletion. If you are also someone who has not logged into your account from last two years but have some important files inside your account, make sure to login right now so that your account will not be deleted.

Google also said that “Accounts obtained through businesses, schools and other organizations won’t be subject to the potential deletion. For the inactive personal accounts, both the account and its contents “within Google Workspace (Gmail, Docs, Drive, Meet, Calendar) and Google Photos” could get erased”. Apart from signing into an account, “reading an email, creating a Google Doc, watching a YouTube video and conducting Google searches are among some of the things that qualify as activity. Having a subscription to a news outlet or an app linked to a Google Account does as well” counts as account activity as well. While Google says this is a security measure, this most likely is a server space cleanup effort.

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