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Google tends to put an end to URL parameters tool



URL parameters tool

Google calls an end to URL parameters tool. It will also be obsolete from next month. The decision was under the purview of Google handling on its own. It can now automatically take care of it.

The confirmation came out today. However, the retirement of the URL Parameters feature in Search Console was no shock. Change is always necessary. Google asks the current users of the tool to take no action. They can also function in a similar way. There is no obligation to do anything different.

This defines everything will be similar. One doesn’t have to do anything to specify. However, the function of URL parameters on the website will remain the same. The URL parameters tool defines the users. They also specify how parameters impact the content.

Google’s crawlers will now automatically cope with URL parameters. It will also eliminate the requirement of the URL Parameters tool.

Gary Illyes belongs to Google’s Search Relations team. The feature also takes its origin from its development. It was over a decade ago. The remedy was for a “wilder” period. It talks about the history of the web.

He also gave the explanation as”When the URL Parameters tool launched in 2009 in Search Console’s predecessor, Webmaster Tools, the internet was a much wilder place than it is today. SessionID parameters were very common, CMSes had trouble organizing parameters, and browsers often broke links.”

Google, with time, understands what parameters are necessary. And which aren’t. However, 1% of the parameter settings currently listed in the URL Parameters tool are relevant for crawling.

Everything depends on the utility of the tool. There is a dwindling of overtime. However, the depreciation was a necessary action. It asks one to use robots.txt rules. There is greater control over how Google processes. Google also discusses the hreflang attribute. It can help specify the variations of content.

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