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Google says there is no need to worry about the usage of JavaScript




Google says there is nothing to worry about JavaScript when it comes to search. There is nothing different in it while you compare it with the static content. This discussion took place in the latest episode for the search Off the Record podcast. This podcast features Google’s John Mueller, Martin Splitt, Daniel Waisberg, and Gary Illyes.

Mueller has started the topic for building a website with the help of a static site generator. It leads to the realization that he and Splitt both use a similar tool named Hugo. For more simplicity, Hugo uses its Markdown language for generating the pages. However, it comes with the limitation of not being able to use its HTML for the redirects and nofollow tags.

Mueller is now building a more personal site. It requires more redirects. The only way he can implement these things in Hugo is with JavaScript. Mueller then asks Splitt if there is any reason to have worries about the JS or not.

According to Splitt, there is not any reason to be worried. They have annotations for the content, which is the centerpiece of an article or for the content. As they crawl a page and put the content into the document for their index, they render the page and complete the content for the DOM.

There is not any kind of fundamental difference between static content and JavaScript-generated content. The only exception is the edge cases when they cannot see the content that gets generated from Javascript.

Splitt references the edge cases without going into much detail about which are those. However, Google has discussed earlier how the sites can run for SEO problems when using Javascript. The main thing is to avoid using Javascript in many ways which force the users to interact with a page element to display content.

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