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Google says Apple is adding RCS support for iPhones in Fall 2024



Apple RCS support

Google’s Android website has recently introduced a new landing page dedicated to Google Messages, highlighting the benefits of the first-party messaging experience. Notably, the page also includes information regarding the upcoming availability of Rich Communication Services (RCS) on iPhones, set to arrive in the fall of 2024.

RCS is poised to revolutionize messaging by offering enhanced features such as high-resolution photos and videos, typing indicators, and an improved group chat experience. While these features are currently available on Android devices, Google’s website teases their impending arrival on iOS with the phrase, “Coming soon on iOS.”

Apple’s decision to adopt RCS was initially announced in November 2023, with a projected timeline for implementation in the “later next year.” Speculation has swirled regarding whether this integration would occur with iOS 18 or a subsequent point update. Google’s recent mention of RCS on iOS aligns with expectations for integration into iOS 18, suggesting a significant enhancement to the messaging experience for iPhone users.

One noteworthy addition to the RCS feature set mentioned by Google is animated emoji reactions, which are slated to arrive alongside RCS functionality. Currently, animated emoji reactions are a feature within the Google Messages client, akin to similar functionality on iOS. This announcement hints at the potential inclusion of reactions within the RCS specification, promising a more interactive and expressive messaging experience across platforms.

The introduction of RCS on iPhones represents a significant step forward in unifying messaging standards and delivering a seamless communication experience for users across different platforms. With RCS, iPhone users can look forward to enjoying the same advanced features and capabilities that Android users have long enjoyed, fostering greater interoperability and consistency in messaging.

The anticipation surrounding the rollout of RCS on iOS underscores the growing importance of messaging as a core communication tool in today’s digital landscape. As messaging continues to evolve, the integration of RCS on iPhones marks a milestone in bridging the gap between different ecosystems and empowering users with richer, more engaging communication options.

It is worth noting that fall will also be the time when Apple launches new versions of iOS as well as announces new iPhone models which means that RCS support will most likely arrive with iOS 18.

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