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Google releases its AI note-taking app NotebookLM in the US



Google NotebookLM

Google releases its AI note-taking app named NotebookLM to the users in the US and it has also “started” using the Gemini Pro AI model which was recently released by the company. The Verge reports that “NotebookLM can already do things like summarize the documents you import into the app, come up with key points, and even answer questions about your note-taking sources. But now, Google is adding a way to transform your notes into other types of documents, too. Once you select all the notes you want to include, NotebookLM will automatically suggest formats, such as an outline or study guide. However, Google notes that you can also tell NotebookLM to transform your notes into a format of your choosing, like an email, script outline, newsletter, and more.”

Google says if you’re writing a note, NotebookLM may automatically “offer tools to polish or refine your prose, or suggest related ideas from your sources based on what you’ve just written.” Some other handy features coming to the app include a way to save helpful responses from NotebookLM as notes, share your notes with others, and focus NotebookLM’s AI on select sources when chatting with it. It is also said that “NotebookLM will now start providing suggested actions based on what you’re doing in the app”. Google is expanding some of NotebookLM’s limitations as well. You can now include up to 20 sources in your notebook, each with up to 200,000 words.

However, this is a note-taking app which means that very personal and sensitive information can be added here which obviously leads us to the question of data security and privacy and since we are talking about AI here, we don’t yet know how safe it is to let AI read out notes and suggest us what to note and what not to. “The expansion means all users 18 years of age and older in the US can access the app, and it comes just days after Google revealed its GPT-4 competitor, Gemini”, The Verge reports. We can also tell you that this was released at the Google I/O 2023 as “Project Tailwind” and many of you might recall this app from that name.

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