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Google may boost product reviews by connecting to sellers



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A product review page that links to different sellers may receive a ranking boost. It will happen if everything stays equal. The Developer Advocate of Google, Alan Kent, Tweeted something. He said that this boost would happen over reviews connecting to one. He said this while answering how to input top-quality product reviews.

According to Kent, linking to one merchant will become disadvantageous to the website. A page that links to different sellers may receive a ranking boost if everything else stays in one line.

It is a good idea to link to different merchants while creating a product review. It provides options to the readers and enables them to compare availability and prices.

When you offer different ways of purchasing a product, it shows Google that you are helping them. When you link to 1 seller, it makes an impression. It makes it look like the product review is creating affiliate income.

But it is still very important to disclose all the potential financial incentives or biases. These are the factors that you may have for linking to some merchants. And you are doing this when there are several options available to you.

Before posting any kind of review, make sure that you comply with the guidelines and terms. Make sure you go along with the requirements of the affiliate program.

It also may include guidelines of Google. Also, take care of the attributes that you are using. Google is coming up with new changes. The items need to comply with every term and condition.

Make sure that the quality of the content remains intact. Include the best quality images. In the coming days, we may come to know something more.

More tools are going to come. The concept of product reviews will evolve very soon. New norms will come as well. So, whatever you do, make sure you are aware of them beforehand.

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