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Beeper Mini for Android is back after a short hiatus: Report



Beeper Mini

We reported yesterday that there is an app that everyone is talking about that lets you send messages on iPhones from Android but your bubbles will stay blue despite them being sent from an Android. If you don’t already know, messages sent to iPhones via iMessage have a blue bubble when sent from iOS devices and turn green when sent from non-iOS devices such as Android. Now, Beeper’s Beeper Mini was a blessing for those who wanted their bubbles to stay the same despite them being sent from an Android. However, we have been told by Apple that they blocked Beeper’s access due to security risks.

Once again, we can tell you that Beeper Mini is back and you can send your iMessage using an Android and your bubbles will stay blue. However, the only thing you need to keep in mind is that you will now need an Apple ID to use Beeper Mini which was not required earlier. The Verge reports that “you must now sign in with an Apple ID, whereas previously it would automatically register you to iMessage via your phone number. Beeper says it’s working on a fix to restore phone number registration with iMessage, but until then, your friends won’t be able to send iMessages directly to your phone number. Instead, the blue bubbles will have to come to and from your email address. That’s not nearly as convenient, but at the end of the day, it’s still iMessage”. However, we can tell you that this is simply a workaround found by Beeper’s engineers and it will not take too long for Apple’s engineers to find it out.

Till then, you can use Beeper Mini to send blue bubble messages to your iOS friends. Apart from that, the company has said that Beeper Mini will be free to use. “Things have been a bit chaotic, and we’re not comfortable subjecting paying users to this”. Clearly, Beeper also knows that their workarounds could be closed by Apple any day now so they don’t want to get in the mess of taking payments and then having to refund them.

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