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Google is having no plans for speeding up data collection for Core Web Vitals



Core Web Vitals

The core web vitals of Google is testing its tool, which is taking 28 days for gathering the aggregating of the field data. It is very likely not going to change very soon. About this matter, google Search Advocate John Mueller stated as much during the Search Central SEO hangout.

IT Director Vahan Petrosyan of Search Engine Journal asked Mueller while noting the challenges that the 28-day window is creating SEO. When a change is made for improving the Core Web Vitals, it needs to be 28 days before the change.

Even a 28-day window is going to be even smaller. Mueller is doubting that the collection of Core Web Vitals data is going to change. The data they show on the Search console is based on the Chrome User Experience report data. This is the primary reason for delaying. It is not that the Search Console is going to slow during the processing. It is the way the data is going to get the collection and aggregation, which takes time.

Google does not have any intention to analyze them and report Core Web Vitals data in real-time. The scores are representing the aggregate data as Google wants to ensure that the site is providing a constant user experience.

If SEO and developers want faster data, Mueller is suggesting that they can conduct their test with third-party tools on the PageSpeed Insights API. Also, you can use the page speed insights API directly, according to Mueller. Mueller also pointed out that the lab data of third-party tools are not the same as the field data. This is why Google reports on.

Mueller acknowledges that the way Google is collecting data makes things much harder for people who measure cumulative layout shifts. In case the SEO feels that the calculations of Google are not making any sense. Also, Mueller encourages them to reach out to the Chrome team.

Mueller also reminds that for SEOs; Google is planning to update Core Web Vitals once a year. As the cumulative layout shift is a Core Web Vital for this year, next year, Google can also determine that it is not vital enough for enhancing user experience.

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