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Google explains the expected impact of Core web vitals update



Core web vitals

Google finally comes with its explanation on what to expect when the Core Web Vitals tend to become a ranking signal. Danny Sullivan of Google recently discussed the expected impact of ranking on the May 2021 Page Experience Update. It is going to integrate with the Core Web vitals as a factor of ranking.

Danny came up with his comets within the recent Search Central Live Fireside Chat. Later he clarified that there is some more on Twitter. Someone asked a question about the impact that the Core Web Vitals are going to have on the ranking. Well, in the beginning, nobody answered, but Danny came up to say what to expect.

In answer to the question, “do we expect the impact on the metrics to be significant or more subtle?” Martin Splitt said he didn’t know. He further said that “How do you expect the impact to be from the Page Experience Update?”

He broke his silence, saying that ” it depends,” which prompted Ashley Berman Hale to say that she was hoping that they could get through this session without it. Danny Sullivan further answered that the reassured publishes and the SEO community is not expecting a big and disruptive change.

Danny again explained that the new ranking factor is not going to cause any pain as it’s just one ranking factor from many.

The goal of the ranking sites is the goal for the ranking algorithm. So you may not have the best page experience. But your page still stays relevant, which lets you know the overall factors they look at. Thus it is not much of a concerned area at all.

The variety of social media discussions shows that the SEO community is split for the issue. Some people are saying that they are taking it on a serious note while the other side is downplaying the ranking factor of Core Web Vitals. Hence it is encouraging the publishers more to do their best.

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