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Google announces new solutions, sunsetting FLoC




Google is sunsetting FLoC to introduce a new topics API solution. Suffering heavy criticism, Google decides to replace FLoC. The new Topics API is the new user privacy targeted solution.

The era of FLoC (Federated Learning of Cohorts) is over now. This new change came to be a surprise. It has been Google’s plan since early 2021.

This was after Google decided on the removal of third-party cookies. This new solution came into play due to the removal of third-party cookies. The FLoC solution is a striking change.

To secure anonymity, individuals put themselves in a cohort group. This allows Advertisers to be target-based.

Thought the effect of individuals was still an issue. Cohorts forms upto thousands of users, not individuals only. Taking the feedback from its user, Google also worked to provide a solution.

The Topics API is a Privacy Sandbox solution for interest-based advertising. “Interest gathering” distinguishes Topics and FLoC.

Topics API works on your browsing and picks topics of ur interest. This is for a particular week. These topics are also in Google’s storage for three weeks. Topics are available on the user’s device.

It removes the need for external servers. But, FLoC groups users into cohorts.

There’s no limit of time for how long the user can stay in that cohort. FLoC also uses cohort IDs that advertisers can use to target users. The new Topics API solution will have no cohort IDs.

They will also have topics to share with advertisers and websites. Topics API pits users to control their topics. Users can remove specific topics associated with them. Sites of the sensitive category are by default excluded. The update keeps user safety before.”

However, Google is proceeding forward with the removal of third-party cookies. Advertisers need to look for alternatives. This will help them to plan their strategies. This would also lead to a targeted approach with their advertising.

Remarketing efforts may still likely stay limited. One may need to shift their advertising approach to focus on the best. To capture first-party data ASAP, a targeted approach is important.

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