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Google agrees to settle a $5B lawsuit claiming to track people even in ‘incognito’ mode



Google lawsuit

We know that there are a lot of things that have been challenged when it comes to Google and its working but we have also seen that there is one thing that is always in question and that is about the safety and security of your data and privacy when using Google Chrome because a lot of users have seen that users are being tracked in the browser and this is why the company introduced an “incognito” mode which says that it does not track your browser history or store cookies so that no history is maintained on Google servers if you use your browser in that mode.

But it is worth noting that this claim has also been questioned and there is evidence to question Google’s saying on incognito mode as well. Now, there is a new report regarding Google Chrome’s incognito mode and this one is quite serious because the company has agreed to settle a $5 billion lawsuit in which the company is blamed for tracking users even in incognito mode which is supposed to be private. As per the report, “The lawsuit had sought at least $5bn. Settlement terms were not disclosed, but the lawyers said they have agreed to a binding term sheet through mediation, and expected to present a formal settlement for court approval by 24 February 2024.”

They said this turned Google into an “unaccountable trove of information” by letting the company learn about their friends, hobbies, favorite foods, shopping habits, and “potentially embarrassing things” they seek out online. The plaintiffs have alleged that they are sure Google can “track their activity even when they set Google’s Chrome browser to “incognito” mode and other browsers to “private” browsing mode.” Since Google has reached a settlement on this lawsuit, it all but confirms that the lawsuit is indeed true and Google does track users even in incognito mode which would open a wide range of debates on how safe our data really is. Earlier in 2023, Google also said that there are some parts even in incognito mode that they do track so it is not 100% private even though it is claimed to be.

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