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Google affirms Internal linking critical for SEO



Internal linking

John Mueller answers questions concerning internal linking. He confirms that it is more than breadcrumb navigation. It is highly important and one of the biggest things. It plays a great role in publishing the content.

He cites an example to explain internal linking. In children’s stories, a protagonist may enter a forest and leave a trail of breadcrumbs for the reader to follow to prevent becoming lost. Internal linking does that.

A website similarly provides a “breadcrumb” trail in the form of breadcrumb site navigation, allowing a site user to travel back through the website structure.

A breadcrumb typically begins on the home page, then moves to a category page, and finally to an article. Breadcrumb structure data is the reflection of the navigation. It is called internal navigation. Also, it enables the site’s visitors to navigate along with the website.

It focuses on back and forth between the categories. Internal linking also plays a great role in deciding that. Breadcrumb data tells Google, “What is the topic of a website about?’ It has three categories, X, Y, and Z. The site navigation function on structured data. It is the context of the discussion.

Internal linking is quite important for SEO in this case. Mueller believes that it is one of the essential things. One needs internal linking to properly function. One can do on a website is to steer Google. Also, visitors are bounced back to the significant pages. The degree of significance depends on the users.

You can choose to make things essential where you earn. It is where you’re the strongest competitor. Or where you’re the weakest competitor. It allows concentrating focus on certain directions. Also, it defines the portions of your site.

Internal linking isn’t something that can simply be replaced. An organized data won’t be able to replace it. So, structured data on a page is not always correct. It somewhere doesn’t mean it’s correct.

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