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Goggle calls the reciprocal linking natural



reciprocal linking

Google refrains from calling reciprocal linking unnatural. It is not always bad. It is sometimes good to link back the sites that link to yours.

John Mueller, a Google search advocate, discusses reciprocal linking. The topic popped up for discussion on Google Search Central SEO office hours. The issue came into the picture on January 28, 2022. It was up for discussion during one of the hangout sessions.

Seth Mendelsohn, SEO professionals also joins the livestream. He discusses the value of backlinks in websites. The question demands the answers, ” whether the links degrade the value of backlinks.” Mendelsohn clarifies his concern as a part of link exchange. He expects it to benefit visitors.

Certain forms of reciprocal linking are against Google’s guidelines. Thus, Mendelsohn’s extract cautions the choices of pages he wants to link to.

A link exchange functions where two sites agree to link each other. It manipulates the search ranking. And, he prohibits that.

He also brings forward that link exchange is not as defined in the guideline. But, it is a natural form of reciprocal linking.

Mueller further explains, “That’s fine. It’s also kind of natural. Especially if you’re a local business, you link to your neighbors. Or if you’re mentioned in the news somewhere, you kind of mention that on your website like ‘I was featured here in the news…. ”

Two sites linking each other qualify for reciprocal linking. Google can identify the difference in natural linking. It will also create a link scheme. Link exchange can manipulate search ranking.

Mueller also goes on to explain the status of reciprocal linking. It is a natural kind of link. There is no crazy link scheme. There is nothing weird in the kind of these links. It can work fine. Also, users should avoid overthinking.

Google is trying to find a solution to improve the ranking. It is making use of web tools to deal with the ranking issue. The browser accepts reciprocal linking as a part of the ranking process.

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