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Facebook is adding 3 new ways to monetize videos to make money



monetize videos

Facebook is coming with its launch of three updates which are aiming to help the creators of the video continents to make more money. This latest change is to monetize videos for Facebook, which includes various options.

One can earn revenue from the short-form videos. It is expanding the eligibility for more content creators. Also, it is making everything easier for the creators to earn more money from the viewer’s contributions.

This ability for earning revenue from the videos which are getting published on Facebook comes on the Pages, which meets varied criteria. The criteria do not have their new update. More pages will be able to monetize videos with the ads after the updates with the eligibility criteria of Facebook.

Facebook is now having separate sets of requirements for every type of video ad: In-stream, live, and gaming. Each set of requirements now has its updates.

In-stream ads refer to the ads which are shown either before or during the running of a video. To become eligible to run in-stream ads, Facebook pages need to meet a few criteria. It also needs to meet 600000 total minutes of views from any combination of video uploads from the past 60 days. This can include regular upload or video, live streams, and live stream recording.

Previously Facebook only considered regular video uploads for three minutes in its calculations for the eligibility requirements. Now it is also considering many shorter video uploads, live streams, and recordings for the live videos.

In-stream ads continue to become available for Pages with at least 10000 followers. They are not available for any of the personal profiles.

Pages can now earn money from videos as short as one minute, which comes with the option for running a 30 second that Facebook says is ” minimally interruptive.”

Previously the monetization was available for only 3 minutes of videos. Videos which are exceeding 3 minutes can include mid-roll ads. Mid-roll ads can be shown after 45 seconds in the video, which is having a slight update from the previous checkpoint within 1 minute.

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