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Explanation on why Google discover traffic is not reliable



Google discover traffic

Google’s John Mueller says why you can’t depend on Google Discover traffic as the primary reference of traffic. John Mueller replied to an issue about Discover traffic that vanished. Mueller gave many reasons why Discover traffic might not work. Then he advised against creating an industry around Discover traffic.

Google Discover is a topic feed that is dependent on a web and Google search activity of a user. Google Discover displays a customized list of subjects that users have an interest in. If Google users are on the trend toward browsing how to make specific types of recipes, then websites about those procedures are going to start trending for users.

In general, because several individuals browse for various things. So, no one website will manage to overlook Google Discover because of personalized feed. That is what participates in the somewhat casual manner of Google Discover traffic. Mueller records other causes why you can’t rely on Google for constant traffic.

The individual inquiring about the issue explained that the Brazilian news site has invariably appreciated constant traffic. He wishes to know why the traffic would unexpectedly stop working for a trickle. The individual inquiring about the issue went on to tell. He explained that their CrUX reports and Core Web Vitals performance are at the top grades. Also, they serve their site with AMP.

He conveyed confusion about the reason why Discovery traffic would stop working when everything stays the same. John Mueller started his explanation by asserting that Google Discover Traffic is not a constant basis of traffic. John Mueller next moved to talk about general problems that might influence it.

Interestingly, he asserted that the main update could influence Google Discover traffic. He didn’t explain what mainly within the main update might influence the traffic. However, one can assume that it might have a connection with modifications to algorithms. The huge takeaway is that Google Discover is a very uncertain basis of traffic.

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