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DuckDuckGo Hits New Record: 100 Million Searches Per Day



DuckDuckGo celebrates a milestone as it reaches 100 million searches in a single day.

DuckDuckGo’s public traffic data indicates the record was hit this past Monday, January 11.

Including Monday’s milestone number, DuckDuckGo is on track to hit around 90 million daily average searches for the month of January.

For comparison, DuckDuckGo averaged around 52 million daily average searches in January 2020. That’s means this month’s numbers represent an increase of 73% year-over-year.

The growth of DuckDuckGo isn’t limited to web search, as its mobile app is more popular than ever.

This past week it reached a high of #7 in the iOS App Store charts for all free apps, and #1 out of all utility apps.

DuckDuckGo’s success on mobile has propelled it to the number 2 position behind Google in mobile search market share, usurping Bing and Yahoo.

DuckDuckGo’s key selling point over other web indexes is its security highlights. Clients can direct quests without their own data being gathered and offered to promoters.


Late occasions have supported the selection of protection based applications. As DuckDuckGo ascends through the App Store positions so do scrambled informing applications like Signal and Telegram.

At the hour of this composition, Signal and Telegram are #1 and #2 on the US App Store individually.

As individuals become more mindful of how organizations utilize their information it shows up they’re settling on cognizant choices to pick various administrations.

Antitrust examinations concerning organizations like Facebook, Amazon, Apple, and Google have carried their security strategies to the bleeding edge. Subsequently, individuals are acknowledging what they’re giving up to large tech when they consent to their terms of administration.

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