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John Mueller suggests on improving product page’s search visibility



search visibility

Google’s John Mueller has answered all the questions regarding how to rank the product pages. A person asked about the building of the content which has made its rank. However, those pages did not affect the search visibility for the product pages. Mueller has answered about what to do. The person asking the question has shared how he was creating the blog content, which ranks well. However, it didn’t help the pages to rank well. He asked what can be done to help the pages rank.

Usually, it is nearly impossible to successfully obtain the links for a product page.  But if those pages have not been promoted properly, it will give hard times to achieve the top ranking. John Muller thinks there is no simple trick to make this happen.

Muller suggested that using the Google shopping feed in some of the content can help to pop up the organic search visibility. Mueller is much enthusiastic about the use of the internal linking from the blog articles to the respective product pages.

Though it is quite basic, it can be useful enough as an SEO strategy to identify the contents which people are finding valuable. It is better to create that kind of content and then ask for a link. Also, you can embed a link to the product page in that content.

Next, Mueller has discouraged linking to all product pages. In case you have long blog posts that are ranking, then it can be challenging to link them with all the product pages. At the same time, linking to a lot of different products is not at all relevant enough. On the other hand, if you link to a few products from those pages, then you can say that these are the important products.

After that, Muller suggested linking to the strategically important product pages instead of all product pages. In case the internal linking to product pages has already been optimized, then Mueller thinks they are doing the right thing. Mueller also affirmed the benefits of linking to some of the product pages from the home page.

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