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Google Search Console removes the Rich Results from the search appearance



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Google is now retiring its generic rich results in the search appearance in Search Console reports. There are now new filters for the richest types of results. To be very specific, this does not mean that Google is getting rid of its rich results in the Search Console. Google is now removing a specific kind of filter that can combine all the rich results data with on view.

The generic kind of rich results searches appearance is not necessary anymore. Google says as many of the rich results have their own kind of breakout row.

A few years ago, they created very generic and Rich results like search appearance groups. It included various multiple rich result types, which include those who didn’t have their own row of breakout in the Search Console. This is now necessary anymore, as they now have a breakout for the richest types of results.

Grouping of all the data for the rich results was not at all an ideal solution. However, it is the only solution available during the time when the granular reporting was not at all available. Google Search Console is now supporting at least 19 search appearance types in the reports of performance. If a site is capable of multiple types of rich results, then combining all the impression data in one metric is not that much useful.

The removal of these search appearances does not have any effect on the traffic. It is only a change in the reporting. Site owners are not going to lose any kind of data. The performance report in the Search Console will also continue to offer the data for the individual rich result. It will be applicable for their own type of breakout rows.

Google will continue to support the generic rich result in the search appearance until 1st August. Following this data, it will no longer be available in the API or in the Search Console.

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