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Google introduces two improvisations for Search Console Reports



Search Console

Google Search Console rolls out two brand new features that aim to improvise the eligibility of data analysis in reports. Site owners can now efficiently use Search Console in accordance to filter data through regular expression. Along with that, it also utilizes a revamped comparison mode that supports over one metric.

Regular expression or regex filters will help to develop page-based filters and several complex queries. Explaining the matter better, Google states, “For instance, let’s say your company is called ‘cats and dogs’ but is sometimes also abbreviated as ‘cats and dogs’ or even ‘c&d.’ You can use a regex filter to capture all of your branded queries by defining the regfex filter: cats and dogs/cats & dogs/c&d.”

Earlier, Google Search Console only enables site owners to page URLs and filter queries. But now, users can start using the regex filter by building a query or page filter. Then they only have to select the dropdown menu and click Custom. With an update, it even helps page notes regarding the usage of regex filters. Such as, if Search Console defaults to half matching, it has a specific meaning. That is, the regular expression can match any of the target strings. But it can only happen if it contains some specific characters to match from the beginning or end of the string. Similarly, there are some other situations and solutions receiving after the update.

However, Google notes pages and queries might not be available always to protect an individual’s privacy or due to storage restrictions. In such cases, Google will provide a reminder of when a relevant filter needs to be applied on pages or queries.

Similarly, site owners can also use the comparison mode to answer comparison-oriented questions. A recent improvement made to the interface multiplies the area of the data table and views results side-by-side.

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