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Google brings changes in product structured data



product structured data

The Search Central recently updated Product Structured Data. It is the documentation required for clarifying the structured data. Also, it is a medium to communicate information about web pages. It functions on search engines.

Search engines make use of product-structured data. It lets the search engines display detail listed on structured data. It is more of an attractive and practical presentation of data. Also, it will bring more traffic to web pages. It makes it an important concept to utilize product structured data for markup.

Google came up with specific products in Google Search and Google images. The results will display availability, price, and customer ratings. The guideline also explains the use of structured data and its strict implication. For example, the criteria for data will appear only on pages that will be about a single product.

Product structured data will give a clear distinction of multiple variations and will easily feature size, color, and model. Now, Retailers will be able to publish product pages with multiple variations.

Retailers generally upload the product pages on the same webpage. It serves as an easy medium for buyers to easily find what they are looking for. But, what about the websites which offer different variations of the same product. This is where Google Search Central offers a solution to use data for product variation.

The Structured Data guidance clearly stated, “Use markup for a specific product, not a category or list of products. For example, “shoes in our shop” is not a specific product. Currently, product-rich results only support pages that focus on a single product.”

Google explained that web page focus would be channeling the variation of the single-focused product. It will benefit the product offering variation page under a distinct URL. The new update will also give merchants can present the product in different colors. The will qualify the rich results offering the variation.

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