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Apple plans to use Google’s Gemini AI for its iPhones: Report



Apple in talks to allow Google Gemini on iPhones

In a groundbreaking move that underscores the rapidly evolving landscape of artificial intelligence (AI) in consumer technology, Apple is reportedly in discussions to partner with Google to integrate the Gemini AI model into future iPhone features. This collaboration, as reported by Bloomberg, signifies a potential leap in the capabilities offered on Apple devices, placing Google in a pivotal role given its existing partnership as the default search engine on Safari.

Apple’s initiative to license Google’s AI technology comes amid growing competition in the AI domain, with industry giants such as OpenAI, Microsoft, Anthropic, and Google itself, making significant advancements. The tech behemoth, under the leadership of CEO Tim Cook, has expressed intentions to roll out GenAI features within the year, indicating a robust commitment to embedding AI into its ecosystem.

The move to potentially utilize Google’s Gemini AI model alongside discussions with OpenAI for the use of GPT models reflects Apple’s strategic efforts to enhance iOS functionalities through AI. Despite Apple’s substantial investment in developing internal generative AI tools, as hinted by its job listings over the past year, the consideration of third-party AI technologies suggests challenges in reaching the desired pace of innovation independently.

Apple’s own AI models are anticipated to power certain on-device functionalities in the forthcoming iOS 18 software update, expected to be unveiled at the Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC). Yet, the company is evidently exploring partnerships for more complex generative AI applications, including image creation and writing assistance, which could significantly enrich user experience.

Google, despite facing hurdles with the Gemini model, including the temporary suspension of its image-generation feature due to inaccuracies and recent restrictions on election-related queries, remains at the forefront of AI technology in smartphones. Its collaborations with Samsung to introduce Gemini-powered features on the Galaxy S24 series and the integration of these capabilities into Google’s own Pixel phones underscore its competitive edge in the market.

This proposed alliance between Apple and Google could mark a new era in smartphone innovation, leveraging AI to offer unprecedented features and functionalities. As both companies navigate the challenges and opportunities presented by generative AI, the tech industry eagerly awaits the potential transformations this partnership could bring to consumer devices. Further details on the collaboration are anticipated, as the tech community watches closely for official announcements from Apple and Google.

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