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LinkedIn’s creator mode added with live video and newsletters




Earlier this year, LinkedIn introduced the Creator mode, which now streamlines access to live video and newsletters. And LinkedIn is providing access to live video and newsletters to users who have enabled Creator mode on their personal profiles.

This update is rolling out this whole month for users who do not already have access to live videos and newsletters. Once the Creator mode is on in your profile, the features will be active right then and there.

Firstly, for the users, it is important to know what Is LinkedIn Creator Mode in accessing live video and newsletters. As the name suggests, creator mode is a free upgrade to the user profiles. It is very thoughtfully designed for those users who specialize in content creation. All users can enable creator mode if they choose to. But for that, the user has to possess some knowledge of it before activating. There are some changes that will apply to the user’s profile with activated creator mode, such as –

The Connect button on the profile will change to a Follow button. The profile will display the number of current followers rather than the number of connections. The user can display the topics they post in the profile introduction as Hashtags. The original content will get highlighted by moving the Featured and Activity sections to the top of the user’s profile. The Activity section will no longer include what the user likes, comments, or any other user activity.

Along with all these profile changes, Creator mode also provides access to LinkedIn Live Video and LinkedIn Newsletters once the user fulfills all-access criteria. Now there are a few conditions to use LinkedIn’s live video and newsletter features.

Users need the number of audience of more than 150 followers and/or contacts. They have to make some recent shares of any original content on LinkedIn, such as creating posts with text, photos, or videos, publishing articles. If the user meets all these criteria, then s/he can turn on the Creator mode anytime.

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