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Google introduces December 2021 product review update



product review

Google confirms the blastoff of the December 2021 Product Review Update. It will take about 3 weeks to finish. Google declares an algorithm update influencing product review sheets starts launching today. It will take 3 weeks to complete the update.

Google introduced a comparable algorithm update in April. Sites that have brought modifications since the previous product review update may notice those differences reflected in the latest update. Spam update preceded this update in early November.

A new algorithm update completed in late November. Some probably disagree that it’s the wrong time for Google to roll out algorithm updates during the busy shopping period. However, anecdotally these new features are not too disruptive. Yet, it is the most tragic if legal review websites unintentionally missed rankings.

Kent explained what types of websites get influenced by the December 2021 product review update. Google’s statement refers to an “automated assessment” that is particular to product reviews. It also states that product review sheets are accountable to the same ranking aspects. The same factors apply to ordinary web pages.

Google offered a progressive indication that Google will introduce 2 new product review requirements. Google planned these requirements for bogus product reviews. The first condition is that a page requires proof.

The proof is that the person reviewing the product has used the product. Several low-quality product reviews are certainly associated with sites posting fake reviews. These reviews are closer to rewritten editions of the item specifications. The next requirement is that reviews provide numerous buying choices.

Many items are costly to review. For instance, kayaks are very expensive. That’s why there are so many bogus product reviews. These product reviews do not feature actual photos of the products because no one reviewed kayaks. One needs to wonder if these current requirements could reverse by resulting in bogus review sites. The sites respond by amplifying fake hands-on assessment images and content.

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