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Google Confirms a Way to Hide Internal Links



The idea of the Post/Redirect/Get Pattern (PRG Pattern) for concealing connections is the theme raised by the individual posing the inquiry and the appropriate response given by John Mueller.

The expression “PRG Pattern” is never referenced, however the idea of PRG Pattern is the thing that they are both talking about.

The PRG design, now and again alluded to as “The New Nofollow,” is an approach to conceal inner connections from Google by utilizing a catch HTML component.

Motivations to Hide Links with the PRG Pattern

There are authentic motivations to conceal joins this path in online business stores. A few stores may create various URLs for a similar item page. By utilizing this technique, a storekeeper can conceal those connections from Google and keep them from managing them. There are even Magento augmentations that help to make these sorts of connections for online stores.

Another purpose behind utilizing the strategy is to shield PageRank from streaming to specific pages that don’t add to rankings. Instances of the sorts of pages that are hindered are pages about protection or the terms of administration.

A definitive objective of this strategy is to amplify the measure of PageRank streaming to the pages that issue.

Could PageRank Be Sculpted Using the PRG Pattern?

As per John Mueller, in the event that what he says is right, at that point it is possible that the PRG Pattern strategy might be an approach to conceal joins from Google and shield PageRank from streaming to them.

Mueller didn’t show that this is something that was “destructive to SEO” by the same token.

The possibility of PageRank is around one site deciding in favor of another site. That is an amazing sign.

The dispersion of PageRank to inward pages may not be as solid a sign as a connection from another site to a significant page of another site.

A decent site structure is significant for causing Google discover pages to slither.

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