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Meet James Vitas Of VMD Companies



James Vitas

James Vitas is the Founder & Executive Chairman of VMD Companies, a New England based real estate acquisitions, development & investments company. Vitas founded the company in 2004 when he was a teenager.   


You are the Founder & Executive Chairman of VMD Companies, a real estate acquisitions, development & investments company. Please tell us more about your background and the start of VMD Companies. 

I founded the company when I was 19 and was self-motivated and self-taught. I stumbled upon a business plan after buying my first distressed asset by learning the vulnerabilities someone can expose themselves to on their first distressed purchase.  I learned how to capitalize on the distressed aspect of these assets and started association takeovers when I was 19.  We learned that we could secure our positions within these assets via association paperwork. We did this by exploiting the fact that these assets did not have a clean 6D certificates, during the GFC.  The publicly traded bank who decided to capitalize us within this venture, then asked me to help them locate their 19th bank branch location. We did that and then went into the Single Tenant Net Lease realm where we did work with a lot of Fortune 500 companies.    


Where does your drive come from and what do you enjoy about developing? 

My drive comes from seeing our team succeed.  There is something very euphoric about seeing a team work in unison while it executes on company objectives and endeavors.  I always made sure I would outwork anyone around me, no matter the consequences.  


What advice do you have for new developers? 

Everyone knows something, but not one person knows EVERYTHING. Work like hell, look for patterns but follow no one.  


What do you think an investor looks for in you as a developer? 

Trust. Trust in your ability to execute, trust in your ability to protect their investment and trust that you will do whatever it takes to win.


If you could go back to your younger self, what advice would you give yourself? 

There’s a system and there is a process for everything. You can guess at the game, or you can have someone show you how it’s played. I was blessed with a great mentor.

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